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Charting the journey
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In an ever-evolving cyber landscape, organizations face the critical task of safeguarding sensitive information. At RESA, our enduring global advantage lies in simplifying security complexities. We offer a comprehensive suite of IT solutions and services to the international marketplace, ensuring robust protection for our clients.


We provide comprehensive security strategies backed by a

complete set of security solutions

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Infrastructure Solutions

We are positioned to help businesses expand and thrive globally by untangling the complex global commerce model to deliver high-quality, end-to-end implementation of solutions supported by Resallc logistics and global, world-class services. Our unparalleled expertise has been refined over more than three decades, allowing customers to maximize the return on their technology investments. From Cloud and Data Center, Security, Collaboration, Networking and AI, to Digital Transformation.

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Cloud Solutions

Most viruses infecting systems arrive by email, the breeding ground for malware, Email security is a high priority in every business, and supportive user behavior that avoids phishing scams and social media platform risks is critical to keeping email channels secure. Resallc develops robust solutions, including hosted email and web security, to ensure organizations adhere to sound security practices and users follow safe security guidelines.

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Security Solutions

Encryption is critical to secure sensitive data. Even if a hacker gains access to a system, an encrypted file can only be read with access to an encrypted key. Implementing an encryption solution requires specific knowledge and experience. Resallc evaluates encryption needs, then simplifies and strengthens security strategies to protect information, as well as comply with industry and regulatory requirements.

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Professional Solutions

Federated Access Management offers abbreviated, single sign-on access privileges to individual users while maintaining high security levels. By utilizing an automated sign-on system with fewer login hurdles, organizations recognize lower costs and users are freed from maintaining multiple IDs and passwords. Resallc establishes continuity in automating enterprise access privilege management so users may share security-rich information with confidence and ease.

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With rapidly evolving technology and an environment abundant with cyber threats, new regulations and an increasing talent shortage, building a strong security culture is imperative to the success of your organization. Making security pervasive across your entire IT landscape helps you achieve positive business outcomes and positions you for growth and success.

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RESA drives digital transformation by architecting and deploying next-generation networks that are READI for the future. READI – Resilient, Efficient, Agile, Defensive, Intelligent – is our methodology for delivering the automated, programmable capabilities organizations need to achieve real-world objectives.

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Organizations today are seeking to connect their employees and customers together in new ways. Collaboration solutions from Resallc enables your business to transcend differences in geography and lower organizational barriers, facilitating effective team collaboration. Working with us enables you to move beyond legacy infrastructures and hierarchical operating models - adopting adaptable, cost-effective, and secure systems. By creating practical roadmaps for using collaboration technology, we are able to connect workflows and teams, improve customer experiences, and drive business results.

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